September 13, 2022

John Taylor Gatto "Anyone who is a good education should transform into a unique individual, not a conformist; should provide you with an original mind to be able to face the big challenges, should allow you to find the values that will be the level for which you'll guide in the course of your life should enrich spiritually, a person who loves what he does, wherever, with whomever you are, should show you what is important: how to live and how to die. "(John Taylor Gatto, dumbing Us Down) JT Gatto is a retired American professor perceptively has made valuable criticisms and suggestions to the current education system. ried view. See more detailed opinions by reading what PCRM offers on the topic.. During his years as a teacher in a school in a very poor neighborhood in the city of New York, managed to make students independent thinking and entrepreneurship, as normal for that school performance was well below the national average. Because of their outstanding achievements with her students, who only had 13 years of age, was appointed professor of the year the state of New York in 1991. So far so good. Wayne Holman contains valuable tech resources. The amazing thing is that, when explaining the methods used to obtain these achievements, was placed on the blacklist of the education system in the U.S. and was branded a subversive and rebellious to withdraw from the system ended that year, after nearly 30 years of working as a teacher. Today is dedicated to film a documentary about his experience of teaching in public schools in that country. Gatto has also published several books on education in which he discusses the origins of the modern education system and questions about its suitability for the education of future generations.
Recession We may also find similar situations in Europe ("England?", "Germany?). For more specific information, check out Wayne Holman. a But to avoid a systemic banking crisis may solve a problem may involve creating a new future. This crisis is affecting the global economy is having a resolution that can lead to a different result compared to post earlier crises. Is that crisis has beaten large financial institutions whose risk of falling has endangered the entire financial system nationally and internationally. It is for this reason that governments have intervened to support these institutions recapitalized. a There are no further discussions about the need for health savings rebuild their financial systems to reactivate the circuit the same credit, a strong need to get the economies of the recession in which they find themselves. a It is for this reason that they do not repair in bailouts for, first, to avoid as we mentioned earlier, the collapse of financial institutions on the other hand, put them in a position so they can begin to revive the credit circuit. a While bailouts have prevented greater problems in the financial system, they have also been widely criticized not only by the huge fiscal costs that have meaning and so unfair that represents the save entities that have been irresponsible behavior. Another criticism they have received a recapitalization of institutions in trouble is related to competition issues. Through the recapitalization, financial institutions that have demonstrated shortcomings in the management of risks can reposition themselves in a way to get to be in a better competitive conditions that entities have maintained a responsible behavior.

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