September 08, 2022

World Health Organization Older people need now much vitamins and trace elements of the Golden October is over and the wet season arrives. Car drivers think of smooth roads and miss your car winter tires. But we also think of us. Also people need winter tires in a figurative sense to get accident-free, i.e. free cold through the winter. Now it is therefore high time to strengthen the defences and prevent colds. But how and what? Of course, the vaccination is useful and highly recommended a real virus flu prevention. But what can you do against the normal winter colds preventive? Vitamin C alone is not enough usually. Research of the past years have proven that. Preparations have proved effective especially in the elderly, however, which contain zinc in pharmacological doses. New clinical research shows that can be thus prevented effective winter infections and reduces both the number of infections and also the duration. Researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) from Canada participated in such research, and examined whether the performance of the immune system in the elderly could be increased by a specific cocktail of micronutrients plus zinc. The results were clear: the researchers could with an investigational drug, which corresponded to the currently available on the market in Germany MemoVitum in its composition, achieve excellent results in the elderly and halve the number of colds as well as the infection-related sick days. Even more: The study participants whose memory performance improved in addition also still clearly. Thus, the results of this research, that number and duration of winter colds by the regular intake of certain micronutrients cocktails with high-dose zinc will be halved and at the same time can increase mental fitness show. MemoVitum is the same in its unique composition of vitamins and trace elements the WHO researchers in their studies an investigational medicinal product. That makes MemoVitum Right for those aged about 50, who want to do something for boosting their immune system and promoting the spiritual fitness based on reliable results of the investigation.
John Taylor Gatto "Anyone who is a good education should transform into a unique individual, not a conformist; should provide you with an original mind to be able to face the big challenges, should allow you to find the values that will be the level for which you'll guide in the course of your life should enrich spiritually, a person who loves what he does, wherever, with whomever you are, should show you what is important: how to live and how to die. "(John Taylor Gatto, dumbing Us Down) JT Gatto is a retired American professor perceptively has made valuable criticisms and suggestions to the current education system. ried view. See more detailed opinions by reading what PCRM offers on the topic.. During his years as a teacher in a school in a very poor neighborhood in the city of New York, managed to make students independent thinking and entrepreneurship, as normal for that school performance was well below the national average. Because of their outstanding achievements with her students, who only had 13 years of age, was appointed professor of the year the state of New York in 1991. So far so good. Wayne Holman contains valuable tech resources. The amazing thing is that, when explaining the methods used to obtain these achievements, was placed on the blacklist of the education system in the U.S. and was branded a subversive and rebellious to withdraw from the system ended that year, after nearly 30 years of working as a teacher. Today is dedicated to film a documentary about his experience of teaching in public schools in that country. Gatto has also published several books on education in which he discusses the origins of the modern education system and questions about its suitability for the education of future generations.

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