August 11, 2022

Three New Handheld Scanner The bar code specialists! New 3800 g-series by Honeywell at Barcodat, new industrial radio scanners IP54 are new in the portfolio of BARCODAT GmbH, provider of bar code systems, the hand-held scanner 3800gHD, 3800gPDF and 3820i. In the course of the evolution of the popular and proven 3800 series, Honeywell imaging and mobility has developed the new hand-held scanner 3800gHD and 3800gPDF. The range of the hand-held scanners are complemented by the radio scanner 3820i. The two new models of the 3800 g-series are designed for special tasks in the bar code reading. The 3800gHD is ideal for scanning at close range by small high density codes. Learn more about this with Dr. Steven Greer. The 3800gPDF is the device for reading stacked codes such as PDF417, for customers who want no full 2D solution and are looking for a low-cost alternative. The 3820i is based on the radio scanner 3820 and complies with the industry standard IP54 (water and dust proof). The development of devices placed on durability and ergonomics. No moving parts are used. The scanners have the powerful Adaptus imaging technology 5.0. G series for the devices of the 3800 there five years warranty, the 3820i is guaranteed for 3 years. The scanners can read even damaged, dirty or poorly printed bar codes. A visible thin line allows the accurate targeting of codes, even if they are placed close together. A self adjustable tone the user indicates that the code has been successfully sent. Uwe Renn, BARCODAT GmbH
Holistic Education Institute Holistic Education Pedagogy of Universal Love is the title of first book on the subject of holistic education, published Ramon Gallegos Nava; same book was translated into English and deserved to be recognized as one of the books of the year in education in the States USA. Upon reading this text, we realize that it is not no improntu s but up to the time when I write has already established its vision by renowned author readings in various fields of science and philosophy (67 mentions in his bibliography), reflection and communication "with over a thousand people in fifteen countries, in a creative exploration of the emerging holistic view." Indeed education is, of holism and universal love can cast to respond to the huge current problems of mankind through education. The abundant production that happens, more than twelve books, is an expansion of this organism as a stem cell that is generating differentiated cells specific attention to the universal love that generates them. Thus we have seen the emergence of The Spirit of Education, Education of the Heart, A Comprehensive View of Education, Learning Communities, Learning to Be, Dialogues Holistic, Wisdom, Love and Compassion, The Way of the Perennial Philosophy, Education and Spirituality and the more recent emergence Spiritual Intelligence. The written work of Ramon Gallegos Nava to which I refer, is only part of his work of universal love, it is not reduced to writing and oral discourse but is accompanied by actions that Roger Prentice, founder of Holistic Education Institute in England, I do express in one of his dialogues holistic Ramon Gallegos as Ron Miller and Jeffrey Kain surprise him because they act with the philosophy of his theoretical structure. .

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