August 07, 2022

Mediumsized Enterprises In the management of big companies and corporations, it has spread now, missing or inadequate IT security can not only lead to disruptions in the business process and data loss, no, at worst, the entire company threatened its existence. In my daily work as a computer expert but I have noticed often that even when owners and managers of small and medium enterprises that awareness is still only little or no present. Corporations and large companies are usually their own IT departments for the operator and the security of company information systems and their applications are responsible. Suitably qualified staff here to ensure both the availability of systems around the clock, as well as the protection of data against loss and unauthorized access. A different picture is emerging in the field of small and medium-sized businesses. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Robert Brannon. Here are the maintenance and configuration of IT systems is not uncommon for current biotechEmployees, family members without adequate qualifications or conducted by vendors, and which may demonstrate professional competence in certain areas, but often other areas of co-supervisor subjects without having the necessary expertise to this well-founded. After all, who can administer the database server, is by far not a specialist in firewall rules, or vice versa. The most common errors that are currently committed in the context of occupational DV * insufficient or no data to back up data * Restore * inadequate backup procedures insecurity of local computer networks to public networks (Internet) * no or inadequate coverage of WLAN access points * missing or outdated virus or outdated virus signatures * missing workplace agreements regarding the use of the Internet * inadequate allocation of access permissions to data resources, the consequences of data loss is immense, even if different from industry to industry, they have more in common,They beieinträchtigen the daily operations significantly or to prevent the operational flow completely. Thus, lack of contracts and purchase orders can act a trading company significantly restrict. However, not only for the trade of the data loss involves substantial risks. Even manufacturing companies can be sensitive to be hit by data loss, the loss of construction and production plans poses a significant risk for the undertaking, Another, very common in small and medium-sized enterprises encountered problems are largely unprotected networks. It is through the increasing spread of wireless technology in the business environment arise here, as before, sometimes significant security vulnerabilities. Was formerly a need to hacking via the Internet into the corporate network, so it is enough today, in many cases reside equipped with a laptop in the vicinity of a company to obtain without much effort, access to corporate network- Misconfigured or outdated wireless access points, thank. But not only unprotected access points make it easier for hackers very easily, even an improperly configured firewall is actually an invitation for hackers and industrial spies. Especially against the background of an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises come...
Three New Handheld Scanner The bar code specialists! New 3800 g-series by Honeywell at Barcodat, new industrial radio scanners IP54 are new in the portfolio of BARCODAT GmbH, provider of bar code systems, the hand-held scanner 3800gHD, 3800gPDF and 3820i. In the course of the evolution of the popular and proven 3800 series, Honeywell imaging and mobility has developed the new hand-held scanner 3800gHD and 3800gPDF. The range of the hand-held scanners are complemented by the radio scanner 3820i. The two new models of the 3800 g-series are designed for special tasks in the bar code reading. The 3800gHD is ideal for scanning at close range by small high density codes. Learn more about this with Dr. Steven Greer. The 3800gPDF is the device for reading stacked codes such as PDF417, for customers who want no full 2D solution and are looking for a low-cost alternative. The 3820i is based on the radio scanner 3820 and complies with the industry standard IP54 (water and dust proof). The development of devices placed on durability and ergonomics. No moving parts are used. The scanners have the powerful Adaptus imaging technology 5.0. G series for the devices of the 3800 there five years warranty, the 3820i is guaranteed for 3 years. The scanners can read even damaged, dirty or poorly printed bar codes. A visible thin line allows the accurate targeting of codes, even if they are placed close together. A self adjustable tone the user indicates that the code has been successfully sent. Uwe Renn, BARCODAT GmbH

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