April 18, 2017

Old Gold As an old gold is described in Switzerland in general, old, broken jewelry, coins or gold teeth or just gold-bearing alloys, which are no longer needed. With old jewelry that is out of fashion, a goldsmith, who poured precious metal itself, re-establish something quite new. The gold should, however, the same purity and about the same color, ie yellow to red or white. Of course, the existing gems (from old jewelery), provided that they are still intact, re-used. The new piece of jewelry, can be created that is made in wax and then cast. The finished wax model is embedded in special plaster, heated in a burnout furnace at a temperature of up to 900 degrees. The wax is so rendered, so that a piece of jewelry is created Formnegativ in plaster. The hot mold is removed from the oven and placed in a Centrifugal casting machines or Vakuumgussmaschine. The scrap gold is melted and cast either by centrifuging or vacuum into the mold. If the whole is cooled, the plaster mold is destroyed and the new piece of jewelry comes to light. Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Of course, it must now be reviewed and if available gems are used. The whole is then polished and finished, the new piece. All other alloys can recycle, that means they are split into their original precious and base metals and then used again for new alloys. Old gold is purchased by many companies. In buying old gold, old gold, buy gold buying, etc. - but be careful and get a different offers and will not sell you to the first man. The various price bids speak for themselves!
Fitness Knowledge: Whey Protein Whey protein, whey filter product. Whey protein, whey, filter product is a protein variant, which very quickly absorbed by the body and enters into the muscle tissue. Thus, whey is the perfect training accompaniment and an ideal support for sustainable muscle protein. Whey protein, the muscle protein has no other protein to have such a concentration of BCAA amino acids in addition to many other valuable amino acids such as whey protein, are for athletes and bodybuilders of primary relevance to the success of the training. The body needs namely during a training session and also after more BCAA's as the body-internal synthesis can provide for an optimal and healthy muscle building already. In the anabolic phase after training, consumed, not only takes the BCAAs of whey protein the liver in the organism, but muscle cells are immediately available. And one more feature zeichet whey protein: it helps the body in addition to the muscle building already to accelerate the blood circulation during exercise, and thus to achieve better, personal results. It does this in an another enzyme blocked, basically usefully narrows the blood vessels easily, so that nutrients to all the areas can get. Whey protein can by the way even while weight loss phases are consumed. Then is ensure the product on a nutrient distribution of protein to fat in the ratio of approximately 10: 1; touch should the whey protein also only with water or milk. To note is that some lactose allergic people negative protein react to whey - but long since not all. Should you consider eating and be lactose allergic, begin with smaller portions and wait the effect first. More info in your bodybuilding shop at MS-Sportversand.

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