April 01, 2017

How To Avoid Overweight And Obesity Is it possible to control overweight and avoid obesity? Some say there is little or nothing we can do, it all depends on the physical constitution of each person and that "he is fat, much to do, you gain weight." Is that how you think? possibly (and perhaps some due to illness) but ... not necessarily have to be the case. Moreover, it is likely that with the practice of physical exercise, being overweight can control and prevent obesity. You may think that a little overweight is not worrisome and reasons, if you continue to gain weight, then take action. In that case you should consider this possibility: maybe, for not taking action now, later will be much more difficult (or impossible), restoration of normal weight. Why? Because with your current lifestyle, will end up damaging the mechanism that regulates body weight. What mechanism we mean? (Read the articles and) Your body is designed for activity and to deal with that activity, stores energy. The energy is stored as molecules of sugar, protein and fat. Well, our body has a complex system to determine how much of these compounds need to store. This system is one that, in normal, stable body mass index and prevents their growth. But if we care, the system can be altered, and will not perform adequately. Why there is the problem of overweight? The problem of overweight occurs when our body does not consume all the stored compounds and, therefore, are increasing fat deposits. While we watch the fat in our diets, both an excess of protein as an excess of carbohydrates (sugar) will eventually become fat, so the end result will always be an increase in fat deposits. To avoid this problem requires a balance between what our body produces and what it consumes. Our body has mechanisms to achieve that balance, but due to bad eating habits or unhealthy lifestyles, such mechanisms do not always respond appropriately. The "bad eating habits" is generally translated into an excess of calories (energy) in the diet, while the "unhealthy lifestyles" often accompanied by reduced physical activity (low energy). What can we do? We have two options: 1 lower the production of energy through a healthy and balanced diet (see article), 2nd increase energy consumption by the practice of physical exercise. The option we are considering in this series, is second. Why should we care about this option? Why is it necessary to exercise? Among the "unhealthy lifestyle" is a sedentary lifestyle. As we said, "Our body is designed for the activity." The problem is that with a sedentary lifestyle, not no activity. Put another way: a sedentary lifestyle is a lifestyle to which we are not facts. Such use "abnormal" body is what causes the deterioration of the system that regulates body weight. Got now why it is necessary to exercise?. In an industrialized world, physical strength, is increasingly being used less. The only solution left is, force us to use it by doing some kind...
Igor Seleznev It seems to me the first thing that needs to be done before developing a strategy - is to understand at what stage of development is your business. View at the macro (the crisis in the country and the world) and micro (crisis within the company) levels. If the situation is exacerbated by the presence of the crisis within the company, then you need to understand at what stage of development (four) is this crisis. Of course, strategy is needed, but if the company is the 3rd or 4 th phase of its own crisis, the strategic activities she simply has no money. Here it is necessary to introduce crisis management, but that's another topic. Ideally, crisis strategies must be developed in a "peaceful" time, but in terms of "military action", drawn up before the envelopes are extracted with scenarios and instructions for staff to action. Companies who understand this and have developed similar strategies are now in a better position in relation to its competitors lagged. After all, the definition of the word "crisis" from the Greek krisis - means "decision." Find these solutions and bring them to life, it is possible on the basis of a carefully considered strategy and flawless execution of its plan. But as practice shows, when the company is under active development, in a situation where "all good", few people puzzling development strategy for the future. For those companies that possess the resources for its implementation and planning their existence is not for 1-2 years and for 10 years or more, you can suggest the following sequence of actions: The development plan of anti-crisis measures. Formation of crisis management team (crisis committee). Analysis of the influence of external and internal factors influence the economic crisis on the company (macro and micro levels). Developing strategies. Strategy = strategic analysis + strategic decision strategy + execution. Analysis of the leadership potential of the company (who can lead the people.) Analysis of the human factor, human resources company, the factors motivating staff in a crisis. Analysis of managerial accounting, cost items and financial stability. Analysis of the IT-company resources. Develop a strategy crisis sales. Develop strategies for working with clients in crisis. Development of a strategy of crisis marketing. Develop a plan for crisis communications (advertising, internal and external pr, GR). System development adjustments to plans in the mode of on-line. Antirecessionary technology: Why not put off work "for tomorrow." Engineering time - management. Techniques of effective communication. Technology improvements +1% per day. Technicians work under stress. Positive aspects of stress. Technology development of confidence. Ready to offer its services in developing strategies, tactics, and plan their execution. Sincerely, Igor Seleznev

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