March 11, 2017

Automobile Metal Some manufacturers cover the rails with rubber ribbed, ostensibly to protect from dust, dirt, sawdust in the process of cutting, but often in reality, they usually hide the water pipes are often unpolished. Beware!, Round pipe can be abraded from the top, mimicking the one-piece metal, because the inside look and check it is not possible. Go to Dr. Steven Greer for more information. How to identify? Need to knock on a metal object on the rail, if the sound turns out to be deaf, it means that the hollow tube packed with sand. If the sound will be ringing - it's all metal rail. 3. Mechanism for vertical movement of the saw unit: There should be a screw with two rotors, coupled with the slow-speed engine of growth. Screw-nuts should be made of bronze instead of cast iron, which has a brittle and not suitable for these purposes. The screws should be closed with protective rubber ribbed. Recently, some manufacturers bandsaw machines are used as a mechanism for vertical movement of the saw unit (instead of screws) Automobile chain, referring to the ease and reliability of the structure. This is not true because in the process of chain stretch, that conducts skewed and jamming the saw unit. It is also not suitable for this purpose rope, which entangled in the mechanism of recovery. Gearmotor, which sets in motion a chain or rope eventually wear out, under weight appears to spontaneous rotation and the gradual lowering of the cutting unit, particularly from vibrations during cutting, the result - a board at the exit is thicker than at the entrance.
Epoxy Polyurethane Self-leveling floor coatings gradually gaining an increasingly strong position among the most popular materials for decorating the floor in the manufacturing and industrial facilities. With a good performance in Currently, they are subdivided into several varieties, each of which has specific properties. The correct choice of such variety is the key that directly determines the extent to which success and quality will operate the inlet floor. Thus, among the most common options are currently epoxy, polyurethane, and highly filled floors. All of them are quite durable, robust and reliable and at the same time have their advantages and disadvantages. Highly filled liquid floors - is the most durable coating, highly resistant to the effects of constant vibration, enormous impact loads, abrasion, humidity, etc. Such self-leveling floors are one of the most reliable and durable flooring options for resettlement in the shops, garages, warehouses, and wherever assumed that the load on the floor will be very high. At the same time, this coating has higher compared with similar value. In addition, it has quite a lot of weight, which makes it impossible to the use of those facilities whose construction does not provide too much stress. Epoxy floors, in contrast, are fairly easy to cover. Its main advantage is its high resistance to corrosive chemicals. At the same time, epoxy floors are not recommended for use on the premises, the purpose of which requires a tremendous shock to the floor, as well as the presence of a constant vibration. Polyurethane floors - a compromise between the above two types of coatings. On the one hand, they are sufficiently robust and reliable and can also be used in those areas where perhaps the emergence of huge impact, vibration, etc. On the other hand the cost of such coverage is average, it has not as much weight as the high-filled floors and therefore can be applied to those sites where there are severe restrictions on load bearing structures of buildings. Polyurethane floor fillers have flawlessly smooth surface and good aesthetic properties, but at last they lose a little of highly filled coating that including can simulate natural stone, serve as a basis for complex drawings, etc. Polyurethane floors do not have these advantages: the most that can be count - is the ability to choose the color coating so that it combined with the existing interior. However, in most cases, the interior equipment for manufacturing and industrial facilities that turns out to be quite enough.

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