February 08, 2017

Hiatal Hernia Hiatal hernia (diaphragmatic hernia, hernia of the esophagus), the displacement through esophageal opening in postmediastinum organ in the abdomen. The causes of hiatal hernia (AML hernia, hernia of the esophagus) - First, there are congenital hiatal hernia (people often use a hernia of the esophagus), accompanied by a shortening of the esophagus. Secondly, to produce a hernia UNDER age degenerative changes in the body. In this regard, hiatal hernia often accompany conventional inguinal hernia. You may find Dr. Stuart M. McGill to be a useful source of information. Third, UNDER hernia (hernia of the esophagus) is the systematic or sharply critical increase intra-abdominal pressure. Intra-abdominal pressure is increased in chronic constipation, physical work associated with heavy lifting, especially if it is accompanied by tilting. The sharp increase in intra- pressure is possible with blunt abdominal trauma. Fourth, hiatal hernia occurs when the motor disorders of stomach, duodenum, gall bladder and chronic diseases. We will not go into details of the mechanisms of development of AML hernia (hernia of the esophagus), depending on the reasons causing it. In general, a hernia of the esophagus develops in one basic scenario. Under the action of one or another reason is the expansion of the esophageal aperture, which is why it is possible to penetrate the stomach from the abdomen into the chest. Rarely in advanced forms of hiatal hernia in the chest permeates the entire stomach, and sometimes part of the Heartburn can be read here. When a hernia is more frequent heartburn AML at night or after meals Do not take heartburn milk. According to the latest milk vice versa raises the acidity of gastric juice. Just heartburn may occur after physical activity, often accompanied by pain. Pain with hiatal hernia occurs in 40 - 50% of patients. The pain is pretty intense, there zagrudninno is burning in nature and therefore often confused by patients with pain in angina pectoris. Pain with hernia of the esophagus is most often associated with bending, physical activity and aggravated in the supine position.
Shapely Figure Allow me to assume that since you are so interested in the information provided on this page, therefore, more likely, to identify some obviously unnecessary from an aesthetic point of view of body fat. Excess completeness - one of the most pressing problems of modern man. The very image of his life has to obesity: it is limited in movement, its diet consists almost no natural products, environmental pollution and constantly experiencing stress negatively affect the whole body, and therefore on its weight. Now the problem of overweight people face all with an earlier age. Anyone who has at least once in your life tried to lose weight knows how difficult at first to achieve the desired, and then hold the acquired results. In general, the struggle for weight loss like running in a circle. Initially, we enthusiastically embarked on the case: pace yourself diet bravely refuse dinners, sweating in the gym. But so is the way man, that he can not with impunity go against his nature, can not long deny myself everything. In parallel with the weight, but much precipitously drops the mood, and with it the quality of life. Prolonged and systematic self-restraint on the forces only to people with very strong character. At the same time it is, it causes prolonged depression which are often accompanied by efforts to reduce weight. Thought to give up on everything by hand and make a barbaric raid on the fridge seems increasingly attractive. In the end - the disruption and return to normal life.

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