February 01, 2017

General Chemistry First However, it is well known that an increase of 67% rate of pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, especially childhood leukemia (up to 200%!) Correlates precisely with quantity consumed is not meat at all, but the canned meat product nitrite, which form in the stomach and secreted into the thermal processing nitrosamines. Then - there is certainly a good point that the package sausages contained therein prokantserogen, but not badly would recommend it - well at least approximate dose of antidote - vitamin. C. A more general would be better to abandon the dangerous nitrites (replacing them is) - but it's similar to an attack our freedom to choose a carcinogenic food and make a contribution to the master's business. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries often says this. The rights of consumers in ignorance, Nedo - and dizinformatsiyu choice and most suitable to them personally of the disease needs to be protected! In my years study, at the Department of General Chemistry First MMI them. Sechenov Moscow on edge - in the Izmailovo banner hung in the lobby of a quotation from the University: 'It is widely spreads his hands in the Chemistry of human affairs! " After covering the third time, set-off Lech classmate angrily attributed the bottom of the marker: "And the legs too!" In the end - all set off, he passed, but an evil fairy revenge: he died of pancreatic cancer, did not live up to 40 years. By the way (I hope you personally will never need ...), office recognized leader in alternative therapies for pancreatic cancer - Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (received approval, and even 1.5 million USD grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the experimental treatment with vitamins and enzyme) is located in Manhattan: a sugar substitute, such as aspartame, in recent years, conducting regular monitoring of the labels of products on the shelves of grocery stores in Europe and the U.S., I see as nitrites and nitrates all stale on the shelves ...

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